Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Shining @ Palau Besar

Palau Besar the small island we are anchored off, just out from Malacca town looked like it would provide a good opportunity for a walk. The islands in this group are called the Water Islands possibility because of the high water table.

During our circumnavigation of the Island we found 18th century graves of warriors. The locals come here to worship, burn incense etc. The Island was going to be a resort but after all the construction of hotels someone changed their mind. The stories we got were the power cable to the main land was never run and the idea was canned as the locals became reluctant to come because of the tourists.

After finding an 18-hole golf course we found an abandoned hotel that needed further investigation. It looked a little risky so I sent Amanda in to check if the coast was clear.

For those who have read Stevens Kings book “The Shining” this is the Hotel minus the snow. Its huge, maybe 2,000 rooms, windows and doors bang in the breeze however all the gardens are well kept and the leaves raked.

We wandered about luckily for me not seeing or hearing a soul. It would be a little tricky to explain to Amanda’s parents how she came to be shot during a walk.

Getting a little braver we checked out some of the rooms half expecting to see Redrum written on the walls but they were all empty.

Well almost everything, I did manage to find a hand basin that looked like it might fit in our bathroom.

Anyone looking for a 2,000 room hotel going cheap? I might be able to point you in the right direction.


Amanda said...

Sounds like there's an interesting story behind that place, according to Mr Google.

Jeff said...

More great pics, nice!

Anonymous said...

When are you guys in Thailand?
I'll be there with the kids for a month...all Jan.