Saturday, 13 November 2010

Malacca Straights... Here We Come

We weaved our way through the assortment of ships and dirty water to our first anchorage Palau Pisang that we were lead to believe wasn’t that great.

After the arriving the squalls rolled in and as expected it was a rolly anchorage.

From here we left at 3am for the run up to the Water Islands. After a bumpy start the current turned and before we knew it we had arrived. Palau Besar is only a short ferry trip from Malacca so the plan was formulated for a trip into town. Once arriving in town number one priority was breakfast.

We then took in some of the sights

This of course worked up an appetite and so the search for a good lunch spot began.

I couldn’t bring myself to sample some of the more exotic cuisine so we settled for something a little less alive.

Amanda of course had to slip in a little shopping while I had no choice but to sample the local facilities as my stomach hadn’t agreed with something I had eaten. Once seated the discovery of a hose in place of toilet paper was made. Things went even further down hill when I pulled the handle to flush the loo dislodging the water pipe from the toilet and giving the inside of the cubical a shower… Not Good!

In all the excitement we somehow missed the last ferry back to the Island and had to charter a boat to take us home.

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