Wednesday, 29 December 2010

From Franny

Found this in the email archives... thanks Franny!

Meet Si and Amanda just passing through
And I admit a hint of envy of these two
Living the Dream, just floating around
Enjoying the freedom it truly does sound
It’s not by sheer luck though they can keep a ships log
But through very good team work and lots of hard slog
Amanda’s done well a successful bean counter
Si a good tradie and great general all rounder
Of course there’s much more to this pair, filled with talent you’ll
Find, and subtle as brick is Si while Amanda so kind
It can’t go unmentioned they are not all alone
There is a 3rd crew member aboard this vessel home
Sloop the boat’s cat looks like any lounge sleeper
But kid you not, turns out he’s rather the creeper
Not afraid to venture round any new port
Beware this mogul has an unusual sport
Most cats bring home a birds, A lizards or rat
Sloops haul is usually more lucrative than that
I’m sure no trainings gone into the goods that he bears
Seems he has a natural talent for moving all types of wears
I think not be suspicious of this neat looking team
If you happen to meet them under sail or steam
They are truly every bit as lovely as they appear
Its been great fun guy’s the time you were here

Darwin 2010

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brigitte said...

yay, see, posting to facebook made me come and look! Well done!