Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Holiday in Malacca Straights - Pangkor

Pangkor Island, slap bang in the middle of the Malacca Straights is one of Malaysia’s island resorts. Our visit started off with an island tour by motorbike with Daryl, the group expanding as we met up with other yachties along the way. Water pistols added to the challenge of negotiating the windy roads!

We stocked up on dried fish, the local speciality and paid a visit to the Chinese temple.

Malaysia is development mad and once again we saw more misguided investment. A swinging bridge over what else but a walking track and an empty brand new, now broken up marina, around the corner from another new marina!!!

The highlights were a BBQ on the beach with friends and the bird life – not in a cage for a change.

The lowlights were my toenails. Still giving me grief from our hike up Mount Rinjani one finally fell off and the other is hanging loose. Looks like no nail polish for while. Turns out Rinjani is only 27m lower than New Zealand’s highest mountain, Mount Cook and 50m lower the Austria’s!

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