Sunday, 5 December 2010


We were warmly greeted at the Port Klang marina by the resident baby monkey who had just lost it’s mother. We fell in love with his cheeky antics and were soon spending hours playing with him, emptying our vege stores into his bowl and cuddling him to sleep.

Being so far out of town, a complex plan of cars and trains was devised ensuring an early arrival to see Petronas towers. Unfortunately as it was a public holiday, the towers were closed so we settled with looking from the outside.

In between meals we managed to take in some of the sights of KL.

After the cultural portion of our tour we squeezed in another meal before heading to the Botanic Gardens for a dose of nature. At the butterfly farm we found more than just butterfly’s.

We walked through the hot sun, much to Trevor’s disgust in search of some mosque. The mosque turned out to be the Royal Palace. All this walking is working up an appetite!

With the day coming to an end, dinner in Little India sounded good. What trip to Little India would be complete without the purchase of Sari? I hope this comes with an instruction manual.

We finally limped back to the marina at 9pm. Being a tourist is exhausting, can we find some quiet island somewhere?


Amanda said...

Now I'm jealous - I want a baby monkey!

Anonymous said...

Been following your varied antics through the S E. I may catch you in New Guin, or Solomons. Been to Alaska/Yukon/East Africa. Thanks for card.Keep enjoying life.
Barra Ken