Monday, 17 January 2011

Lazy days @ The Similan Islands

The 50 mile sail out to the Similan Islands was the best we had in a while, having the MPS (big sail) up for most of the trip. Our first stop was the main south island where we could take walks and our book advised there was food and accommodation… which turned out to be a tent village.

After a rolly night on our mooring we tackled the walks. Sloop was keen to come but signs said in no uncertain terns that no cats and dogs were allowed on the Island. This must be to protect the food for the cat owned by National Parks.

We wandered around the place noting the twigs used to prop up some rather large rocks on the way to the lookout.

After a walk to the western side for a look it was back to the boat, a quick bit to eat, then off for a snorkel before heading north in the hope of finding a less rolly anchorage.

We arrived around 3pm to find only 1 available mooring. Luckily being first, Thyme quickly snapped this up. Much to their disappointment, Ultimate Dream and Gadfly had to head over to the other Island, another crappy spot. Apparently only yachts are not allowed to anchor in water less than 40m. Anyway the bay was really nice once the tourist boats had left for the day.

First light brought with it a free mooring that Ultimate Dream jumped on, and by 10am another came free which was a relief for all of us as Trevor had well and truly cracked the shits by this stage. Having 3 of the 7 moorings in the only protected bay in the Islands we were going nowhere for the next 3 days.
Although the coral was crappy the area was full of a large variety of fish, the best find being a Lionfish living on our mooring.

Our Mooring like most was a rope tied around a large rock.

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Anonymous said...

Looks awesome under the water everywhere. Hope you got armbands so I can feel safe when I go under to have a look.