Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Still at the Similans

Our days in the Similans were spent mostly in the water exploring.

During one of our dives, the dinghy’s unknown to us must have circled each other. The result was a tangle of hoses that somehow Amanda ended up in the middle off. Underwater bondage?

During the day, around 11am the fast boats turn up bringing their guests for lunch. Feeling bad for them as we had a lot of the moorings I offered to let them tie up behind us. 5 grateful captains did a whip around and gave us a bag of soft drinks. This became standard practice during our stay.

We also decided to try a meal on shore, however this didn’t start well with our dingy getting caught by a wave during our approach and doing a 360. I surfaced to find the engine still running in gear and our stuff floating away as the next wave started to build. Tony from Jellyfish came out to help and as our camera etc was in a waterproof bag no harm was done… apart from a dent in our pride.

With time ticking and stronger winds forecast from the north we pounded our way back to the mainland to continue exploring northwards.

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