Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Phang Nga Bay

We dotted our way north West checking out what’s hot and what’s not, finding bats, Hongs and calm waters.

What we didn’t find was a doctor. Amanda was a little nervous about some stomach pains she was experiencing (not pregnant) and after taking various medications on board wanted professional advice. We were still traveling with Gadfly at this stage and he had a friend in Aussie who was a doctor. Next problem, phone service. We headed into the bay in search of reception.

After having no real success we headed back to the boat with the plan of heading to Phuket in the morning if no improvement was felt. Fortunately things were much better so we decided on Ko Hong for a day stop.

We bumped our dinghies through the 100s of tourists in kayaks to visit the numerous tunnels through the island. We even bumped into National Parks who wanted money for visiting the area. We advised them we were just leaving and headed off to Koh Ping Kan for the night. This was a much quieter spot and we found a long tunnel that cut right through the Island.

Once getting to the center of the Island things shallowed up and one of Trevor’s crew went forward to investigate the lay of the land reporting back “impassable”

We headed back to the boats for a meal of prawns procured from local fishermen.

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Amanda said...

Sorry to hear Amanda hasn't been well and hope she's on the mend.
- The other Amanda xo