Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sailing around Phang Nga Bay

With Christmas fast approaching Trevor had to travel south to Ao Chalon to collect new crew and drop off existing ones. Us wanting to avoid the chaos for as long as possible were not planning to arrive in Nai Harn till the 24th. One of his crew was keen to stay on the water till the New Year so we put up our hand and offered to take her north with us. Our first stop was to be James Bond Island. Getting right into theme, we even bought the The Man With Golden Gun DVD only to find the high quality pirated copy got stuck half way through!

Ignoring all the domes dayers who said we would run aground (like that hasn’t happened before) we opted to go further north to a Muslim stilt village.

Here our missions were to find some paintings believed to be from the Neanderthal era, a hole through a rock and of course Internet. The Paintings were the easiest to find.

The Internet was a little more trouble some however Amanda did find some good clothes on the mission. And the hole through the rock was an 8-mile dingy ride into the mangrove river system. If there had not been fishermen along the way to continually point us in the right direction we would never had made it.

The place was full of friendly locals.

Having visited the tourist hot spots it was time to go in search of cleaner water. This meant leaving Phang Nga Bay and heading to Koh Racha Yai, south of Phuket. Here swimming was back on the menu.

Unfortunately so was walking. I did however get to make some new friends

The 24th had arrived so we put Miss V (identity not disclosed as she is very shy) on the wheel and we headed off to Nai Harn for Christmas.

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