Friday, 25 March 2011

Cruising the Andamans

After a slow start we headed out of the bay managing to hook up a GT on both lines at the same time. I tried to rouse Sven to assist with pulling in a line but it was still hours before he surfaced. Gadfly must have gone through the same school of fish losing two more lures. Feeling sorry for him we passed over another one of our fish. Next stop the Cinque Islands.

Looking for a good snorkeling spot we headed over the reef in the dinghy’s. Our dingy was having engine problems after about a mile we turned back. Seeing us in distress The Gadfly dingy attacked us, throwing buckets of water our way. Sven who had partially recovered tried to fight back. No more fish for them.

As North Cinque was a bit rolly the next morning we headed further to South Cinque.
In this was a very protected bay we spent a few days walking and snorkeling. We also took Thyme on a day trip down to the Sisters with every one on board to save taking 2 boats. My lower injury from the falling branch had ruptured so most of my time was spent standing up. Just to keep things interesting I kicked a toe nail off on the winch… is that three things yet.

From here we traveled back to the land of the Samosa wars hooking up a sailfish on route. Our crew having Internet withdrawal took the bus to town for the day while Trevor and I did an interesting dive on a well-preserved wreck from the early 1900’s.

Deciding not to go all the way into Port Blair we anchored out the front at Ross Island the next day to gather more supplies. Ross Island was the administrative center in the British colonial days and was also used by the Japanese during the war.

While in a Museum in Port Blair I came across an old black and white photo of the church on the Island.

Next stop Neil Island.

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