Sunday, 27 March 2011

Port Blair heading north

Our visit to Neil Island was a nice surprise. Not expecting to find much at all we discovered a small town center, restaurants, low key resorts, and even a pub of sorts.

We all decided to hire bikes, Chopper stalking it past the impressed ducks.

Making the most of our $1.20 per day bike hire we went everywhere. I think Amanda’s deposit exemption was probably because her bike was only worth that with its lack of breaks etc.

Somehow we picked up a dog in our travels. We called her Nellie and she followed us everywhere, even to the pub at the end of the day where she sat under our table. She even looked surprised to be allowed to remain there, maybe the barman didn’t want to upset us. Thanks to the super strong Heyward's beer (8%), Amanda was a little unsteady on the bike - only falling off twice and running into 2 people!

After a few days it was time to move the next stop Havelock and then dotting our way up the Islands to Long Island, the turn around point. Sven not big on the sight of blood was finally convinced to come fishing. The first night he managed to catch a small Barracuda but night 2 we struck pay dirt with a good fighting GT. Amanda was content at the beach and Kartja remained close to the boat, an attack of sand fly’s still fresh in her mind.

We came across Ultimate Dream again at Inglis Island and made plans to meet up with them the following day at North Button. This was another sand fly beach so a kind of water polo was the order of the day. Girls against Boys, flippers allowed. The rules were invented by our umpire Trevor as we went and for reasons unknown a boy getting drowned by a girl was penalized.

Apparently the bird watching at Long Island was next on Amanda’s agenda. Can’t wait...

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