Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kiwis loose in Thailand

Sandra and Karen decided a holiday was long overdue and headed to Asia to visit Simon and Amanda on the yacht Thyme.

After kicking up their heels around Thailand, Sandra and Karen arrived in Ao Chalong straight into the arms of a bargirl. Trevor insisted this was a good place to shelter from the rain?!?!?! The tune of, “I love you my mother” and “When you happy, I happy” were set to become our mantra for the trip.

The weather put on a good show and we pounded our way Phi Phi Don in the rain. Phi Phi was beautiful but very crowded and in the evening we retreated to the quiet of the boat to watch what else but The Beach.

The next day we headed for the Emerald cave on Koh Muk. Sandra and Karen practiced steering their hovercraft around Thyme before braving the pitch black of the 200m long cave.

We bravely battled past the stinging jelly fish, through the roar of the surge in the dark, past the bats and finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel. We popped out of the tunnel into a jungle green open cave with a white sand beach. Ahhh, heaven. It was well worth the jelly stings.

With the bar set high for adventure, we had a tough act to follow the next day. Where could we find some more excitement? Koh Taratau of course, wasn’t that the setting for a survivor series? Day 1 found us exploring the mangrove creeks looking for Crocodile Cave. After a few hours, some wrong turns, a little debate over dinghy fuel levels we finally stumbled upon a run down concrete wharf of sorts. Curious we dimembarked, followed the trail and entered another cave we found some kayaks and paddles kindly awaiting our attention. Si and I jumped in and were off… just to make sure the path was safe… NO – of course we weren’t waiting to get photos if they fell in!

For the next 2 days we wore ourselves being attacked by green ants and plunging through thick rainforest trying to find a waterfall. Finally on day two of the expedition we came across the cool freshwater pool and falls. We all jumped in keen to cool off only to be surprised by an attack of thousands of tiny fish.

I think we might be starting to wear them out…


Amanda said...

Some gorgeous looking places there, guys. I don't mean the fish eating your manky feet, I mean the other photos. xo

brigitte said...

LOL get drunk for 10 baht!

the other mother said...

All that brave wonder we were exhausted.Is that a smile while sleeping though? Thinking of what i wonder.