Monday, 18 April 2011

A Kiwi Border Crossing

We headed over the border to Malaysia, first stop Langkawi for a bit more hiking. After the cable car, we convinced Sandra to tackle a few hundred stairs with the promise of more fresh water swimming holes. When we finally made it to the top it was swimming all round.

After stocking up in Langkawi, we headed south to Penang. I was keen to show Sandra and Karen my favourite city in Malaysia. With awesome food stalls, great history and very humorous locals we had a great time. Sandra and Karen also finally enjoyed unlimited fresh water and a bed to themselves in a hotel. What visit to Penang would be complete without a drink and free entertainment at the Hong Kong bar? The crew from Thyme met up with Michelle from Gadfly for reminiscing about the Andamans and tasting new delights.


Amanda said...

That waterfall looks like SO much fun. I would be sliding down there in a heartbeat.

brigitte said...

hahaha real graceful mum!

The other mother said...

Some people manage to look so controlled and least the glasses stayed on and the choking and drowning noises were cut.!

Anonymous said...

We are the ‘Old Thymers”
Simon’s mum and I have had yet another fabulous holiday slotted into that triangular baker’s oven style cabin beneath the foredeck

Simon and Amanda have been living on this boat since 2007 and have become the perfect team of 2
Simon is Captain
Amanda is The Health and Safety Officer, Chef Extraordinaire, Bartender, Laundress, Navigator, and Anchor boy. She also steps forward as Admiral from time to time!

Sailing on SV Thyme is the most amazing experience!!

Every voyage begins with an intensive refresher /induction course on how to use the bathroom!!
This mostly covers how to wash effectively in a 30 cm square shower cubicle using minimal water as well as how to flush the toilet correctly i.e. . 15 firm pumps: 20 second pause, 15 more pumps AND 3 squares of paper maximum!

After one particular incident that occurred as we left Langkawi Island future Thyme travellers will probably also be advised on how to NEVER flush the toilet while Simon is attempting to unblock the water coolant inlet by free diving beneath the boat!

This was our 3rd time on SV Thyme and Simon and Amanda always make a big effort to make our trip as exciting possible We had a tight itinery which meant we anchored on a different beach nearly every day AND we experienced the most unexpected adventures!

Following their schedule we have climbed limestone peaks to vantage points, explored markets, eaten Malay and Thai foods, kayaked into a crocodile pool, slid down the huge curvaceous rocks of a waterfall, visited the island where The Beach was filmed and swum through throngs of blue stinging jellyfish in an 80 metre sea cave until we reached a secret white sand, palm fringed beach inside a huge towering chimney at the centre of an island.

From a cultural perspective one of the highlights was the visit to the Maidens pool
This is a deep green freshwater lake inside a rim of huge limestone rocks on a Malaysian island
Legend has it that if you swim in the waters you will get pregnant
On this day it was packed with boatloads of young Malay couples
I was also keen to try . ......though to be honest, because the water is so cold I was doubtful any sperm would last very long.
Most swimmers were males with bare chests and Quicksilver boardies and they were having a thoroughly carefree and fun time. However, it was a different story for the women

Apart from one oblivious blonde Dutch girl with a fabulous figure who posed jauntily on the jetty in a tiny bikini, while her smitten boyfriend took endless photos of her, all other women adhered to a strict dress code.
Most sat bakingly hot and modestly dangled their feet over the jetty. Those more modern souls that did venture into the water did so fully clothed (including head scarves).....
Possibly, this would not have assisted the fertilization process ?
And without exception, they all bobbed about quietly in bright red lifejackets.

It was a unique cultural experience but I am guessing the only person likely to become pregnant was little Lolita from the Netherlands

Our final destination was Amanda’s favourite Penang
And mine too!!
The Chinese, Colonial, Muslim, Indian mix is wonderful you can buy a sachet of practically any drug in the world over the counter for $2! ... A special blessing in a country without wine!!
Yes, a very wonderful Thyme!!!!!
Thanks so much to both of you
With love from Aunty Karen x0x