Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Route Planning

For me, the next best thing to actually travelling is planning. I'm now knee deep in route planning, the fan set up (did we mention how hot it is here?), books and guides around me, google and google earth roving and loving it!

At this stage the next few months of our lives will include sailing up the East coast of Malaysia, across to Borneo and onto the Phillipines. There are so many possibilities to explore untouched areas on this passage - no doubt our river experience will come in handy too allowing us to venture deep into the jungles.

The east coast of Malaysia is supposed to have clear waters and some reef so I'm dying to dive into cool blue waters of palm fringed tropical islands! The muddy brown waters of Johor where we are currently docked are not at all enticing!

From here we'll sail across to Borneo landing in Kuching where we can explore Bako National Park and the city delights and markets. Next stop will be a river passage, the Batang Rajang and it's tributuries to some isolated, traditional long house communities - the ones the tours can't get to!

Onwards and upwards along the Borneo coast visiting Brunei and P Labuan along the way. We're trying to get permits to head out to Layang Layang. A coral cay where diving and snorkelling will be the order of the day!

From here we'll sail back to Kota Kinabalu with a plan to climb Mt Kinabalu, hopefully see some amazing birds and pitcher plants in the many hiking trails and parks. Maybe do an inland trip to go caving and camping?

Next we'll sail around the top of Borneo to visit the Turtle Islands National Park and maybe down to Sandakan to spot more wildlife depending on time. Then onto Palawan for some sailing, the winds are meant to be good this time of year, clear waters, reef - this means swiming, snorkelling and exploring. Tasting new foods, learning a new language and meeting new people!

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Konni and Matt said...

Hi Thyme:
Greetings from Konni & Matt (ex SY Kamu II). For your planning check out and find our perceptions of Borneo. We enjoyed both Sarawak and Sabah in 2009, four months of backpacking.