Monday, 18 April 2011

Back down the Malacca Straights

Storms were starting to roll in most afternoons so after the departure of Mum and Karen the decision was made to head south before the weather packed it in. Gadfly turned up after playing catch up since Phuket and we headed off early to the new marina at Port Klang via Pankor. No real surprise, nobody else was there.

The management had been busy while we were away building a water feature out the front, putting in free washing machines, dryers, big screen TV’s etc. Amanda was very impressed. Thyme had everything washed, Sloop included.

We even found (again free of charge) the flashest massage chairs I have ever seen. They gripped your whole body and did things that were almost scary.

Our friend the monkey was still here not having changed at all.

After 2 days (an amazing feat in Asia) Simon had installed powerful new 8v batteries on Thyme and with everything clean we headed to Palu Besar. From here we caught the ferry into Melaka needing the Internet and someone to send us a fax. Easier said than done. It appears to be much easier to by a coffin than send a fax.

After another overnighter we arrived in Johor Bahru at Danga Bay Marina where we've decided to spend the next month or so preparing for our trip East. Who knows might even have time to break out the secret photo comp again?


Amanda said...

Yep, I still want the monkey.

Anonymous said...

I want the monkey too. Those chairs look like they could do damage.

The Other Mother said...

I like the new "about us" section.
Would make anyone want to crew.....and we know it is a great life.