Monday, 13 June 2011

Kuching Days

Our crew departed to enjoy some land travel and we took a 2 day rest before we hit the town and what better way to start with a visit to the cat museum. Yes a cat museum, but I guess you would expect that in a place called Kuching, (Malaysian for cat).

Then next order of business was under duress… a climb of mount Santubong - all 823 meters!

Of course we tackled the task on what was to be the wettest day of our entire stay in the Santubong river.

After the rain flushed us out of the forest, we started our 3km walk home only to run into a traffic accident. A Pajero had hit the guardrail and flipped into the jungle. The occupants had gone to hospital by the time we arrived but we hung around to see what condition the 4-wheel drive was in. No blood.

Wild life was next on the agenda, and with the distances between parks a motorbike would be needed.


Anonymous said...

Bungle Bungles in the wet ? The Holden would have made it .

Michele said...

I hope you smuggled Sloop ashore to check out the museum of his peeps!

the other mother said...

I want another cat so I can call him Kuching.