Wednesday, 15 June 2011

National Parks - Sarawak

We decided Gunung Gading National park, home of the Rafflesia was to be our first visit being the furtherest away, a 2.5 hour scooter trip.

The endangered Rafflesia is the worlds largest flower found only in this area, takes 9 months to mature and can be over a meter in diameter. It flowers for 4-5 days and gives off a smell similar to rotting meat to attract fly’s and other insects for pollination.

After the flower we found a near by waterfall to wash off the road grime. Some of the local inhabitants considered us possible food, nipping at our feet if we stood still for too long.

Absorbed in all the wild life living around the stream we didn’t notice the clouds rolling over until it was to late. It appears to be called RAIN forest for a good reason. It pissed down leaving us with no choice but to ride back to the village to purchase raincoats for our trip home. Maybe an early start would be a wiser move tomorrow when a visit to Semenggoh Nature Reserve to see the Orang utans was planned. It’s not guaranteed that you will see them, but if there is not much food in the jungle they will come to the park for an easy meal.
We were in luck.

We were told that it’s best to only stay in the feeding area for a short time as the Orangutans get annoyed and have been known to throw sticks and snakes at the tourists. With that advice, and having seen the pictures of some of the wounds inflicted by bites we were only too happy to move along when told.

Detouring through town to pick up some charts for the Rejang River system and lunch we slowly made our way back to the boat before the afternoon rain.


The other mother said...

Snake throwing orangatangs...wouldn't want to be part of that activity. Might need to save the snakes instead.

Anonymous said...

Gday Long Thymers,

Great to see your mast is still pointing up. We have been keeping up with your blog. We made is back to OZ. Pushed into the trades from Ambon to Darwin. Sucked. Back at work. That also sucks. Loved Banda. Shaun is drinking mates with the King now. Hope all remains well. Send us an email and fill us in on the goss.

Shaun, Corrina and Kesh