Monday, 20 June 2011

The Mighty Rajang River

After a 4am start (groan) we reached the mouth of the Rejang just catching the beginning of the ebb tide. Moving at walking pace into the river we anchored ASAP. The following morning at the far more civilized hour of 8.30am the tide began to flood and off we went to Sarekei, the first of our riverside towns.

This friendly bustling little town had all we hoped for, me getting a new pair of sandals incase I have to climb Mount Kinabalu and Amanda finding both Internet and a steamboat restaurant. Beer at 4RM almost made us stay another day but the tide was turning and our next stop Bintangor beckoned.

After visiting the local market where your chicken starts off alive at the beginning of the purchase process, we got a few supplies (biscuits for the kids)and headed up to the Rumah Lidam Longhouse.

The longhouse is off the main river, and was recommended to us by Crystal Blues, another Ganley cruising boat who had first explored here in 2006 and made regular visits since.

They invited us over for dinner so we thought we could maybe take something a bit different. After some serious thought we hit on the idea of pizzas and bloody Marys. Bet they don’t have that often! I can’t say it was a huge success; especially as it turns out they don’t really like spicy food. They at first thought the bloody Mary was sauce, and it almost ended up on the pizza at one point. I think maybe 1 out of every 20 people thought it was drinkable (it made the baby cry). The pizza topping was fairly popular but the base was only a means of getting the topping to your plate. It was a good night, lots of laughs.

We made plans to come over the following day for a look around. The monkey pot, a type of pitcher plant was worth a look.

The kids made plans to come out to the boat and demonstrate the Iban bomb technique.

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Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for writing about Sarikei and Bintangor. We love tourists!