Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rumah Lidam and the Iban Bomb

The following morning once it was obvious we were out of bed the tide brought with it a tsunami of kids aged 6 –14. Apparently a Tarzan swing was to be erected.

Being the heaviest (by only a small amount) it was me who had to do the swing testing. Once the girls mastered the swing the boys went one better with summersaults off the back handrail.

Amanda braved the river herself with some move of her own yet to be named which even forced the mud skippers up the side of the boat.

Not wanting to leave we made the half hour dingy trip to town for the internet, changing our arrangements wanting to stay longer. We were kept on our toes avoiding the clumps of palm floating in the river and the occasional tangle with the riverside trees.

After almost a week we took the children ashore one last time as sadly the time had come to move north. We made our way up to the longhouse this time with beer and our mix of a Midori Splice to bid farewell. When on the Internet in Bintangor I productively spent my time researching the Iban rice wine recipe. When enquiring about the finer details of the methods used we were presented with a very generous amount of bottles from the various families for our travels. Each family seems to have a slightly different recipe or mix.

Amanda in her excitement having found some form of appetizing wine woke up…slowly and we headed off upstream past all the log barges for the metropolis of Sibu.

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The other mother said...

Bet those kids miss you.