Friday, 24 June 2011

Sausages in Sibu

Sibu is a bustling town of about 250,000 residents who are largely Chinese, servicing the small towns up and down the 100’s of miles of riverbanks.

The Market place here was the biggest we ever seen and your chicken could be purchased in a variety of packages but not with chips.

Here may go down in history as the birth of the worlds best sausages available to mostly cruisers. Tired of life without a decent banger we have decided to manufacture our own and share the fruits of our labour with other people afflicted with the same addition. 2 days on the Internet gave us the know-how and off we set to purchase our equipment and ingredients. Synthetic casings not available the 100% natural sausage was the obvious choice. How did I end up with the job of sorting these?

Our first run of Old English Pork had a few teething problems such as bursting on the BBQ caused by over stuffing, but the taste was definitely there. The second run of more Old English Pork and fresh Chorizo was far more successful.

A couple of other cruisers came up from Santubong by ferry for a visit (think they heard about our sausages) so we hit the town before lifting anchor again and heading back down the river.


MisterP said...

Hi Si and Am or Siam,
Those sausages look fantastic so I shall be after you next year when i shall be in MrP over in Borneo Island. Did you anchor or otherwise in any of the INDO islands en route to Malaysian Borneo? S'pose I should call it Sarawak. Present plan is to go over your ways with the rally in 2012 since I shall in all probability be solo. Gill wants to go N to Vietnam and Cambodia so I guess that I shall tailor a trip to encompass that by flying across the S China Sea leaving the boat somewhere. All best, Peter PS Prefer the sausages to Si with a beard! Tastier

Jon Freeman said...

The sausages are beautiful.I can alomost taste them.

The Other Mother said...

Fabulous photos