Saturday, 22 October 2011

Andele Andele... south we sail

After picking up crew Christian and Mane from Chile we headed south with Semporna being our final destination.

Our first stop was the southern entrance to the Kinabatangan. Here we found Proboscis monkeys up a creek side by side with an army base. In the wee hours of 3am two large fishing boats that had dragged anchor with their 8 dory’s tangled around the front of Thyme. How rude… Christian summed it well by responding to Mane when asked, “What’s happening?” and he said something that sounded like cagsacaraga and means in English “big shit.”
The fishing crew managed to get 1 boat off and cut the anchor line on the other to free it before sending over their English speaker to give us a bucket of crabs and apologize.

Tigabu was our next stop where we demonstrated the art of washing in the rain to save water. We went ashore and tried to get the kids to climb a tree to get a drinking coconut for us. We were told to help yourself. Lucky for us some contractors came by with an extension ladder. Problem solved.

On the far side of the island while looking for a snorkeling spot we found some locals cutting planks from driftwood. And we thought planking was so yesterday…

Another overnight stop was made at Dent Haven before crossing Darvel Bay. With no wind the decision was made to stop so Christian could demonstrate the Chilean Banana bomb. Mane’s contribution was the monkey jump.

10 points for enthusiasm, 2 for splash. Amanda needn’t have moved so far away from the drop zone. The weather being as settled as it was we did a change of course and headed to Richards Reef for an overnight snorkeling stop.

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