Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The elusive mountain @ Tun Sakaran

Unfortunately Cristian’s mask broke when removing it from its wrapper and we had to fabricate a snorkel from PVC pipe to go with his 1 flipper. Once these issues were overcome he was off.

The snorkeling at Richards reef was much better then we expected even if fish numbers were a little on the low side.

Amanda had obtained a permit for us to visit Tun Sakaran National Park, so with high hopes of doing a jungle trek up the mountain we covered the 15 miles the following day. For the 4 days we were in the park the weather gods didn’t smile on us to allow us up the mountain.

We did fill in our time attempting to catch the last decent fish in Malaysia, and visiting the water villages. Gadfly and Shah also turned up which of course led to dinner and beers.

All in the name of finding some turtles, we invented a new sport, squalkeling (snorkeling in squalls). We managed to find 3 without getting washed out to sea.

A trip up the mast gave Cristian the opportunity to jump from the spreader, breaking his bum landing monkey style into the water.

Having a small stash of give away items such as balloons on board we handed them out to the kids on one of the islands. The next day rain or shine they kept paddling out selling shells.

Much to the disappointment of Sloop (reduced pats), Amanda (back to slumming it with the boys) and I (No more Sop I Peia), the Chileans have exhausted their 10 days and it was drawing to the end of their holiday.

We finally got a good sail on our last leg.


Konni and Matt said...

Where are you now? What's your plans? - Greetings from Langkawi (Matt), a cruiser's duty-free paradise (sort of scotch from sort of Scotland: 1 ltr for 20 Ringgits). Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Mane and Christian seem to really have enjoyed the adventure with you guys! Would love to be able to do it, but with two kids on tow, it seems a little bit harder... maybe... ( I'm Mane's cousin, btw!)