Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Call of the Wild - Sukau

Finally we made Sukau after dogging and pressing through the log jams in the river. I thought Hunter would possess some Canadian Lumber jack skills however he was a little reluctant to jump on a jam after hearing crocodiles inhabit the river.

Another boat Alice, who had entered the river at the same time as us ended up with a big log stuck across the front of their boat while they were away. We tried to move it until they came back without success.

The main objective of coming all the way up the river was to see the Asian Pigmy elephants of which officially only around 130 of still exist. The locals think real numbers are only 70. We took a local boat upstream as it looked as if Thyme might not fit under the power lines, passing the Croc that was waiting for Hunter to jump on a log jam.

We were not disappointed with the turn out. Our driver told us that the Palm oil plantation owners shoot the elephants to keep them from trampling around in their plantations. The female elephant on the right has a scar from a gunshot wound on her right cheek.

Our driver took us home via an Ox Bow lake that’s being slowly over taken by Hyacinth.

The next morning Amanda and I headed out early (early and Hunter don’t work well together) looking for monkeys, birds etc. We nosily passed a few unimpressed tourist boats before finding an old swing bridge made from canvas hose.

Hunter having completed his 2 weeks relatively unscathed, headed back to Sandakan to start his journey back to Toronto and us needing to renew our visa began the trip back down the river. The tide lets us out on the 8th.


Konni and Matt said...

Hello Amanda & Simon:
Greetings from KL. We are fierce followers of your blog! It brings back the good memories from our own cruising years on s/y Kamu II. There are so many similarities; the almost only difference is that you guys are a few years younger… Keep up the great sailing and the brilliant blogging! Btw, if you want to enlarge the photos pairs in your blog, you can do as follows: (i) find/create any post with only one photo pair on it (as a training step), (ii) change from the “compose” tab to the HTML tab; (ii) find inside this HTML gibberish the relevant lines/parameters for your photo pair; (iv) open your eyes bit wider and find numbers like 150 (one times) and 400 (two times) for this photo pair, (v) replace: the one 150 with 192 and the two 400 with 512s. Save it and preview. It might work. If not, we will come to you as crew and we do it together. In the meantime, pls add your picture/s to the list of our followers/members of our own innocent travel blog that we can still recognize you amongst these Papuans. Love and cheers, Konni & Matt from http://konniandmatt.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I love those elephants.......they look so cute and little but have tusks. I still want an elephant instead of a horse.
Great videoing with music a perfect match.