Saturday, 1 October 2011

Jungles of Borneo - off to the Kinabatangan River

From Tegipil we carried on to Lankayan getting lost in the reef before being pointed in the direction of a mooring owned by the resort located on the island. The snorkeling here was very good; we even spotted a giant stingray.

The Turtle islands was to be our next stop however after anchoring the Park officials paddled out on their surf ski with their “talky talky” so the “big boss” could tell us to go “far far away”. Turns out we did not have a landing permit which apparently we should have got from KK. The fact we weren’t landing was beside the point. We moved far away to the next island but were again told the same thing prompting us to move far far away. During the night we had a good squall 30+ knots and Hunter reviewed his personal belief of not using insect repellant.

The yacht club in Sandakan was a good stop for more supplies, the dentist for me and a chance to watch the All Blacks flog France in the rugby. The bar staff needed a little bit of convincing to change the channel from the badminton but we got there in the finish.

Of course the rugby turned into beers and once back at the boat. Hunter after not coming up with a bomb for Canada that could rival the Aussie "Star Horsie" or the US "Flying Wombat", pulled out the beer shot gun. I must say I was impressed. Not to be attempted without adult supervision it goes something like, Step 1 pierce the can and fold in the torn aluminum. Step 2-hold hole to mouth with tear tab at highest point and open. Two - Five seconds later your no longer thirsty.

With the tides still in our favor we left Sanderkan at 4.30am to cross the Northern bar into the Kinabatangan at 8.00am. All went well and we started the slow trip up stream.

At our first anchorage I managed to get 6 large river prawns off a fisherman going past for the evening BBQ.

We also spotted our first troop of Proboscis Monkeys in the trees near the boat. A closer inspection almost got us lost.

After a night of fireflies we took the dingy to a near by lake early in the morning before heading to the metropolises of Sukau further upstream.

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