Friday, 28 October 2011

From reefs to pirates - Lahad Datu

Our arrival at Semporna was planned in time for both dropping off Cristian and Mane and the rugby world cup final. I can’t say it was the most relaxing game of rugby I have ever watched, even Trevor who is not that interested was nervous.

With a win under our belt we headed back out to Bohey Dulang to have another crack at the mountain behind the national parks buildings.

The mountain was ours.

The national parks buildings house a lab where they are growing various clams for release in the area.

Being very impressed with the snorkeling at Richards reef we decided to head back over there the following day to show Gadfly’s crew the coral gardens. And the bird. (Simon made me do it!)

After dotting our way down Darvel Bay we now find ourselves in Lahad Datu. The Lonely Planet Guide talks about gun wielding pirates on the waters but it appears to be a lot safer the Semporna if you ask me.

With a couple of days up our sleeve before we head to Sandakan to pick up Peter (crew from Canada) we have come up with a rough route for the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

Go the All Blacks! Gotta be proud to be a kiwi. Do yo need another kiwi flag to ward off pirates?

Steve and Carol said...

Safe travels Amanda and Simon. Will eagerly await the Philippine adventures. Carol and Steve