Tuesday, 10 January 2012

To El Nido - the scenic route

Once Anchored at Boayan Island fishing around the many rocks was high on our agenda with Robin landing a great Tuna and all of us getting loads of Barracuda from around what we called “Barracuda Point” These were gratefully received by a small group of people living in the bay. The making of Sushi rolls the next day in the rough conditions ended up being to hard for poor old Robin.

The remaining of the fish was shared with Tim and Barb of Rubicon Star at Teodore Point BBQ style.

From Teodore Point we headed to Liminangcong a small town where Robin again hooked up this time a Brassy Trevally later to be had as Cevice, (Lunch). The following day put us in the Bacquit Archipelago. Cathedral caves were the nearby anchorage attraction. Tim took Robin and I took Pontus for a fishing competition. Our team recorded 1 bite, 2 bottom hook ups and a net around the dingy prop in the dark. Tim’s team got nothing but was halfway through a bottle of rum by the time we got back. Who were the winners? The galley was also closed on Tim’s boat when we got home leaving him to cook his own dinner.

Robin also managed to climb into a cave after a few dips in the sea only to find bird shit mostly on his hands. It entertained us anyway.

Since the weather was on the improve, a trip around some of the outer Islands was decided on before heading to Coron Coron for new years eve. Small Lagoon was the first stop.

The mosquitos were fierce at Big Lagoon where Sweden’s TV program Robinson was filmed.

With the loss of only a pint of blood each we headed around to secret beach, a hole in a rock wall that you swim through to enter a small lagoon. Anchoring in 25 meters over rocks wasn’t the highlight of my day.

With New Years Eve fast approaching, our house clean to be done and maybe a nap to fit in we headed to Coron Coron our nights anchorage for the festivities.


loumegs said...

Amazing photos, looks like a amazing part of the world. happy New Year to you both

Anonymous said...

Hi! great to hear from you and that you are both well. Happy New Year and sail in safety. Lots of love from D and J "S"

The other mother said...

Happy New year and may 2012 be as exciting and adventurous for you as 2011.

Amanda said...

gorgeous photos - looks lovely

Amanda xo

biggles2 said...

You seem to be having a ball out there with fab snorkelling. Envious! Certainly better than being anchored up a river near Satun SSW Thailand awaiting being hauled out (on a cradle) to get my electrolytic epoxy bubbles sandblasted.......
Otherwise, all well in the mighty MrP. Off N ASAP to enjoy the rest of NE monsoon wx with Camille and Magnetic in the area also.