Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Catbalogan, Leyte and the return of the Swedes

Catbalogan, a city on the island of Samar was where we were to pick up our old crew Robin and Pontus. Amanda again attempted unsuccessfully to find more clothes that might fit. Nearby the local brigade was trying to put out a fire... A fire sale?

Pontus who for the last 3 months has resisted a haircut seriously gave it some thought, but decided that a 50 cent cut might not be his style. Robin was recruited for the task of cleaning pig intestine for a batch of Beef and Guinness sausages.

Bilaran is an island covered with steep hills, rice terraces and waterfalls. We went against the recommendation of our motorbike taxi driver to take a guide and headed out alone after receiving directions by way of a mud map (a map drawn in the mud by someone with no English). Our 10-minute walk turned into a 1.5 hour slide through muddy jungle. Yep we got lost.

We did get there eventually after finding some farmers who pointed us in the right direction.

Knowing the way back to town we decided to walk. Along the way a truck stopped, I guess to offer us a lift? Once we all jumped on they would have realized we wanted a ride if that’s not the reason they stopped!
Snake cave is our next destination.

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