Friday, 9 March 2012

Caves on the Camotes & Bilaran

Our stop over on Gigantangan to find the snake cave proved to be a fruitless adventure and finally when we came across a pile of rocks in the middle of nowhere with an old cross sticking out of it we took the hint and turned back. Amanda and Sloop had the right idea staying aboard.

Pacijan Island (part of the Camotes Island group) further south on the other hand had plenty to see with underground pools, caves and inland lakes.

Poro Island where the boat was anchored had waterfalls that you could swim under and more caves.

The fresh water in these caves changes depth with the tide.

Once our bikes were safely delivered back to there owners we grabbed a few supplies, and stopped at one of the many Karaoke bars for Robins benefit on the way back to the boat. These 3 bars are all located almost side by side and the trick is to pick the one with the loudest speakers.
The allusive Whale Sharks is next on the list of must sees, so with our spotters we headed off to southern Leyte.


Anonymous said...

hi it looks great hope you are enjoying it and the water looks soooooo nice

Anonymous said...

hi looks like you are having fun keep enjoying yourself