Monday, 19 March 2012

Exploring Bohol & Siquijor

Wanting to explore the cave in Antequerra further we talked Trevor and his crew Wilson into an up river exploration trip with a local guide, which included the cave. Properly equipped with flashlights we headed up stream in the dark cave for around an hour before coming back. The cave system runs for miles and branches here and there but we could only go as far as time and the bats allowed.

Stopping at the old wooden bridge for lunch we finally reached the waterfall around 3pm with the following on trail slip stats – Amanda 3, Trevor and Wilson 2 and me 1.

With gas, fuel and groceries sorted we headed south to Siquijor. Our first anchorage was a small port that we got kicked out of (restricting the movement of ships) so we headed another 10 miles around in a stiff breeze and by chance anchored near an old wreck. The resident sea snakes spent quite a bit of time trying to climb aboard ignoring Amanda’s shoo shooing.

A local venture “Fortune Metals” was cutting the wreck up for scrap. They were only to happy to let us hang around and watch even offering us a breathing hose to hold in our teeth to extend our bottom time. It takes a bit of getting used to but is doable.

With only 20 miles between us and Daryl on ‘Matana’, the decision was made to duck over to Dumaguete for a visit before his departure to Aussie.

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