Monday, 9 April 2012

At home in Bonbonon, Negros

At first life in Bonbonon was filled with jobs. Amanda getting the local goss from the other women at the nearby well over the washing and me working out how to tie 2 crates of red horse to the motor bike. By the way the gossip mostly consisted of who was getting it on with the Hubble Hubble driver. (For those not in the know a Hubble Hubble is an extended motorbike that can take up to 5 paying passengers. In English Hubble Hubble translates to pigs copulating… I wonder why?)

We did fit in some sightseeing checking out the damage caused by tropical storm Sendong and snorkeling out the front of the anchorage where we came across a colorful Moray Eel.

After 2 weeks our crew Michelle from New York (previously on the Andamans trip) turned up via 2 planes, motor tricycle, bus, peddle tricycle, Hubble Hubble, dingy… and then we headed south.

For all New Zealand readers we hit pay dirt with local whitebait that tastes like the real thing and costs less than cat food at $1.50 a kilo. Even Sloop was impressed.

Michelle fell victim to the Karaoke bug. I would like to say the fans went wild but that was probably largely because we had no change and put credit for 10 songs on the machine.

Being proper tourists we went and checked out the abandoned copper mine made interesting by the different modes of transport to get there and back and by the people we meet along the way.

Next stop Panay.

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