Monday, 23 April 2012

Back on Palawan

With the wind dying we continued on our way west stopping at Caladagan Island we purchased octopus from a fisherman and snorkeled with shrimp fish amongst ther things. Although we have mastered the art of cleaning Octopus the gettingit tender still proves to be a challenge.

The Palawan coast is littered with uninhabited postcard Islandssurrounded by reef some of them tougher than our Octopus to negotiate.

With the wind completely gone now Amanda picked Maraguit Island as a spot to stop probably because of the abundant coconut supply that both her and Michelle are now adding to their rum. When in Rome…
To cool off we took the dingy over to the main land and up a river. Hoping for a waterfall we proceeded on foot once it became too shallow for the dingy.
Michelle’s Mum who thinks she’s on a cruise ship offered some advice before she left the U.S. “Stay with the group Michelle”. I’m guessing she’s not aware the group is 3.
We lucked out on the waterfall and settled for swimming at the dingy. Going against my number 1 rule – if it’s not f….. don’t fix it, I decided to improve the carburetor which ended in us rowing downstream to the main road where a young girl took us to a Vulcanizer (tyre repair shop). Here I borrowed her fathers compressor, solved the problem and we got back underway.
After dotting our way through Honda bay we reached Puerto Princesa for our Philippines outwards clearance.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that in addition to providing "the group" with endless comic relief for three weeks, I also prepared some delicious latkes and tied some stellar knots! Next up, boiling an egg, making toast, switching gears on a motorbike and hauling large wooden planks up five flights of stairs. Safe sailing! Michele