Thursday, 17 May 2012

Chillin' out in Puerto

Our arrival at the Abanico Yacht club in Puerto was celebrated with both Rubicon Star and Gadfly, 2 boats we hadn’t seen in a while. After discovering the most economical way to enjoy a beverage was to buy the bottle, things got a little out of hand with Tim on the drums, Amanda & Gini on the dance floor and Trevor well… just on the floor.

Once the merriment was out of the way we settled into grocery shopping, buying all the treasures the Philippines has to offer while also taking advantage of the on street air conditioning. 

An interesting thing to come out of this was that Amanda got charged the same for her bottle of water as Michelle did for her 3 bottles of rum. 

Braving the public transport system a trip to a nearby waterfall was planned. Turns out ‘nearby’ was not so nearby.

After almost 4 hours of sitting on what felt like bricks we emerged from the bus safely and incident free.
The waterfall although popular with the locals had a large area free from swimmers where we could spend a few hours cooling off before beginning the trip back to town.

With a few more last minute supplies we packed Michelle and her rum into a tricycle in the pouring rain for her trip back to freezing New York and began our trip south to Kudat.

We’ll be back...

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