Wednesday, 13 June 2012

South to Borneo

Back in company with Gadfly we left Puerto Princesa dotting our way down the coast stopping at some of the many Islands late in April. I wish I could say I’ve been too busy to write anything but truthfully I’ve just been slack.

Brooks point was the last place to spend our Pesos and by pooling our remaining cash had just enough for 2 beers. The tide having receded in the time we were gone provided plenty of amusement for the local fishermen.

Back to Borneo is also back to the squalls that the Island reputedly has more of then anywhere else in the world.

After too much lamb curry and salty eggs, we did our standard shopping in preparation for taking on Marja and Hannu from Finland. Amanda even managed to fit in a hair cut from her most favorite hairdresser in Asia. Sloop introduced himself by attempting to sleep in their cupboard late at night.

At villages where boats don’t normally stop we got plenty of attention

The man with the red stripped shirt was the grateful recipient of Michelle’s rain coat. I tried to get him to put it on for a photo but Amanda intervened and I ended up with it on.

Our rolliest anchorage of the year encouraged a BBQ on the beach followed the next day by one of my walks. The Finns were happy to come not knowing that I normally get semi lost and the tracks become hard to find.

Amazingly neither of those things occurred however the tide posed a bit of a problem with Hannu and me having to drag the dingy about ½ a km to the nearest water. Ooops.

The locals thought it was a great joke but hey, they were playing soccer on a sand bar.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back on air! Keep the posts coming.

Travelbugged said...

Great pictures, as usual - are you guys still heading east? Pangolin doesn't give your loc any longer for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Hi Travelbugged,
Pnagolin is giving our position - it's just we're not on the move! Amanda is in Aus and I'm doing some maintanence. We plan on heading around Borneo and onto Indo in the next month.

Anonymous said...

The poor guy was probably embarrassed to put that raincoat on! I'm still thankful I never needed to wear it. (Although the shoelace drawstring for the hood was a nice touch) A little disappointed there's no picture of you wearing it though!

svthyme said...

The shoelace can also can be used to hang ones self if caught by friends with the jacket on.