Monday, 28 January 2013

The paradisical Hermits

It was another calm and beautiful day that saw us sail (read motor) into the Hermits.

The fishing here was crazy - we were catching so much fish the freezer was full, the locals had stopped fishing and we discovered the dingy was too small for Hermit Island fish.

 With the weather remaining calm we headed to the south western rim of the atol to a place we called Bird Island. All eyes were underwater as we dived the outer edge of the reef. We saw turtles, spotted eagle rays, white tip, black tip and grey reef sharks, a huge array of reef and schooling fish as well as an abundance of critters. The water was so clear, at 30m you would think you were still in 10m.

When we weren't diving we were exploring brid island. Covered in Noddy's, Booby's and Frigates nesting. It was a bird lovers and photographers paradise - here are some of Simons shots.

Still hot on the trail of fish, our table was always full.

I guess all good things must come to an end and while waiting for some wind we've let time get away from us. It's Xmas in 3 days - if we were to leave now we could get to Madang by Xmas eve but we'll probably motor all the way. Do we want fish and lobster with tinnned veges for lunch? What to do...


Anonymous said...

Wow that is amazing aunty amander do you have space to cook that hope you and uncle Simon are happy to see each other

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis
So many amazing stories and adventures - can't wait to see you again miss you xxx

Anonymous said...

Once again you make me long for the clear blue waters, fish and the remoteness that comes with it all, we are floating which is wonderful although still some finishing off before we head to Sumatra. Good Luck with everything there. I will be taking lots of notes from you guys when we head over there.
Cheers Maureen SV Munyana

Anonymous said...

Wow, those fish look very similar to the ones (okay, one) we caught on Gadfly. Except... no, not really! Hope all is well in PNG. Michele