Saturday, 16 June 2007

Mothers Day

Nothing really was planned for mothers day other than the call to our mothers to thank them for bringing us into the world and looking after or putting up with us in our tender years.

The night before this day was the semi final of the super 14's where Canterbury was beaten by the Bulls in South Africa. Craig, James, Tony and I had made a special effort to watch this game at a local hotel at 2.30am. For this reason Craig was not feeling in top form.

Amanda and I decided on a picnic as the day was still and sunny. We invited Craig, Jo, Tony and the kids along and headed for a beach across the bay with a load of stuff from the deli.

Craig put in a good effort to enjoy himself but I think this was about as close as he came to it.
All the blame was placed squarely on the evils of drinking tap beer.
Personally I think perhaps it was the quantity and not the quality that could have been the problem.

Amanda thought I would be good fun if the kids rolled down the hill. The kids enjoyed themselves but the Adults had the best laugh watching them. Payback was latter when hay fever set in with cranky kids developing runny noses and itchy skin

Jo demonstrated the importance of regular exercise, we all had a laugh and watched the sun go down before going home.

Its at this point I wish to apologise to my own mother for not calling on mothers day. I did not have my phone with me and I'm sure you didn't want to here from me when I got home, however I was thinking of you.

The next morning (Monday) we all awoke to a heavy fog attempting to prevent us from getting to work.
As if we needed an excuse.

Over and out


Anonymous said...

Jo is a legend!!!!!!!

theotherbear said...

John wishes I could do that with my tongue.

Anonymous said...

The world would not be the same but for the mothers.