Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Hexham Is

With clear weather we set sail for Hexham Island, the MPS flying. We had to go a fair way offshore to avoid the live firing zone, making it a full day to get to Hexham. Upon approach, we saw another yacht sailing towards our anchorage from the east, we flew into action trimming the sail and hand steering - the race was on for prime position. Unfortunately this time around, Absconder won and the best anchor location was theirs.

That night we enjoyed the company of Simon and Bruce from Absconder over a few home brews. We all agreed Absconder deserved the prime spot after having mistakenly sailed within the firing zone, only to be reprimanded over the VHF and warned off with a fly by low over their mast by a fighter jet giving them a good fright!

240 volt power was swapped for DVDs, sprouts for coconuts, rowlocks for guides and we both headed off to our next destination hopeful to catch up again somewhere along the way.

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amanda said...

Now that sounds exciting. Can you organise a fighter jet attack on my next visit?