Monday, 8 December 2008

Continuing South

We rushed through the Whitsunday’s pausing only long enough to restock at Airlie. With a few days of northerlies forecast we sailed south to Keswick Island for an overnighter before pushing onto White’s Bay at Middle Percy. Again the charm of the Percy’s sucked us in and we lingered a few days.

Next stop was Island Head Creek, which we missed on our trip north when it was closed for Military Exercises. We had met up with a lovely bunch of cruisers at Middle Percy and the fun continued at Island Head Creek – breakfast on Limelight, banana bread on Pelican, cakes on Judet and drinks on Thyme.

Fishing was great at Island Head Creek and Simon was hard at work cleaning and filleting his daily catch of Golden Trevally. The walk along the beach to Pine Trees Point was beautiful, not to mention good exercise.

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Amanda said...

Nice fish, Simon!
Gorgeous sunset shot.