Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Narrows

With variable weather forecast, we were keen to continue south and after advice from fellow cruisers decided we could brave "The Narrows". This is an internal waterway between Curtis Island and the mainland which completely dries out at low tide. The shallowest part is called the Cattle Crossing – yes it is so named because that’s what it is – where the cattle cross!

We stopped the first night at Sea Hill which proved to be an unexpected pleasure. Sea Hill was the old Quarantine and Pilot site with loads of history and wildlife. We explored the old grave yard and lighthouse, even managing to acquire some honey from the locals! The old pilot homes now seem to be holiday homes and both Si and I agreed we could easily spend weeks here.

Luckily we had picked the day to cross the narrows when a boat race was underway. The charge was led by the local Water Police, followed by a fleet of huge power boats flying past us at over 20 knots as we tried to weave our way through the narrow channel, close enough to touch the mangroves and fighting a fierce current with 20cm beneath the keel at times! I had no time to be stressed and before we knew it we were anchoring at Grahams Creek. Stink boats can sometimes be arseholes!


Amanda said...

I just cannot believe Amanda did not stress. Bring back the real Amanda. :)

Secret Squirrel said...

Where'd ya go?

xox eve xox