Friday, 19 June 2009

The Cod Hole

A few of us wanted to go out to the cod hole for a dive but the weather was still a bit rough and we would have to beat into it for a few hours to get there. We decided it was worth it and made a plan for Eric and Yvonne from Morning Star V11 and Seth and Ellen from Heretic to join us. The bumpy ride out was well worth it and we arrived just before low ensuring the reef would protect us from the full brunt of the swell for a good few hours. We could dive straight off the boat on the reef and wasted no time getting in.

It wasn’t called the Cod Hole for nothing – these cod could eat a small man! They were really friendly coming right up close and eyeballing us. Although a little intimidating they were very gently and curious. Simon, fearless as ever took them on first and if I could read minds, I’d be sure he’s saying, “do you want a piece of me?"

The diving was excellent. While the reef colours were not as spectacular as Hook and Bait reef off the Whitsundays the marine life and variety of corals was way better.

We left on the full force of the flood tide and had some fun with wind against tide getting away from the reef before enjoying a lovely down wind sail back to Lizard. The trip was a real highlight and not one to missed. Thankfully although our camera broke we were able to get photos of the day from Seth.

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Amanda said...

That looks awesome. Sounds like you're getting used to being up close and personal with the fishies by now rather than squealing and scrambling out of the water (like I did with the wrasse we encountered).