Sunday, 21 June 2009

Flinders Island Group

Everyone was buzzing about the Aboriginal drawings at Flinders Island group so we decided to head there next with an overnight stop at Ingram Island. We entered Flinders through the Owen channel just as the wind seemed to drop off. We were able to enjoy the peace and silence of the area with the dramatic castle rock, pretty beaches and reef lined coves. Instantly this place had a good feel about it.

An early dinghy ride across the channel and a hike to the other side and Stanley Island and we arrived at the aboriginal drawings. They were by far the best we had ever seen and the information provided by the elders was really interesting. The guest book was not a big one and although it started in 2005 and we felt privileged to be there.

Despite our early start the heat was unbelievable and this is winter! The water was crystal clear and a swim was tempting but all advice is that crocs live here.

In place of a swim I found the next best thing. No one was around so I quickly stripped off and had a refreshingly cold shower under a tank provided at the camp site on Flinders Island.

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Amanda said...

Awesome cave drawings.
I would hate to be living somewhere like that - looks so beautiful in that water, and being unable to swim in it!