Thursday, 25 June 2009

Margaret Bay

Another strong wind warning and fast sail. We overnighted at Portland Roads from Morris and found it a really comfy anchorage despite all the bad reports. Portland Roads looked so pretty I was dying to go ashore and explore but with the good winds we had another early start to Margaret Bay. We had our fastest sail to Margaret Bay as the full brunt of the strong wind warning hit – we averaged over 7.7knots for a 50nm journey. We needn’t have worried about the early start!

During the early hours of the morning a fishing boat arrived in the anchorage and we headed over for a chat. They had just caught a good haul of Endeavour Prawns and we couldn’t resist a 5kg box given the good price. We spent the next few hours packing them into smaller lots for freezing – all 5kg’s!!!

We’re looking forward to a day off tomorrow and have heard there’s a great walk across the headland to Indian Bay. The fishing also looks awesome with fish jumping right around us and birds in their thousands squawking and diving.

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Amanda said...

prawnies - yum yum pigs bum. I would have eaten half of em while packing them away.