Friday, 27 November 2009

Farewell Dear Friend

Theodore Anderson (17/8/05 – 23/11/09), registered as Deanicko Min Yong passed away in Darwin on Monday. To most he was known as Theo, Baby T, Cheeky Chops or Theoaladorus. Things on Thyme won’t be the same for a while as we miss him dearly.

Theo was a brave boy and fought to survive, he was a born fighter – the only kitten to survive The Sloop. Dear Theo, we know you’ll be sharing a spot in the sun with Cutter and Clipper, chasing your pet mousey, eating fresh fish and feeling better talking your head off. In spirit you will always be sailing the high seas with us.


Amanda said...

Bye Theo.
xoxo to you guys.

Ken said...

Sorry about Theo
Sloop is going to enjoy sharing the extra attention with Simon from Amanda