Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Careening Bay – early October

After reading all the shipwreck and early discovery books we traded with Barra B I was keen to stop at Careening Bay where the ship ‘Mermaid’ careened to carry out repairs in the 1800’s while surveying the area. While here they carved the ships name into a Boab tree that still remains today. They must have been brave as it is still a tough place even with all our mod cons – and funnily enough heaps of the sea area is still unsurveyed today.

We are still experiencing huge tides and needed 2 lengths of rope to anchor to dinghy for a 30minute stop! Seeing a sand beach instead of mud banks and crocs, Sloop expressed more than a passing interest in going ashore and insisted that he too must see the mermaid Boab.

On the supply front all is going well although dried beans are making a frequent appearance in our meals. I’m dying to talk to my parents and let them know I’m ok but I can’t even get out on the HF radio. Theo is not doing so well having relapsed into not eating again. His coat is all rough and dull and he is little more the skin and bone. In desperation we’re going to try human laxative in small doses and see if that helps.

We’re thinking of heading around to Prince Frederick Harbour where our friends on Barra B will probably be – looking forward to the company.

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Amanda said...

all sounds good except for the beans bit.