Monday, 7 December 2009

St George Basin – early October

We’ve left the Prince Regent River and are now slowly heading back to Darwin. There are heaps of places we never visited on the way round and other favourites we want to return to. I tried to get some better shots of the magnificent St George Basin on the way out. The camera simply does not do this awesome scenery justice.

After our easy trip in we were lulled into a false sense of security for the passage past Strong Tide Pt and Whirlpool Pass. This time being mid run of the biggest spring tide we felt the full force. Old Thyme got up to over 10knots and kept Simon on his toes at the helm. At some points our bow was pointing nearly at right angle to our true direction of travel before being spun around to the opposite angle as were spat out of St George Basin. It was great fun – the most action I’ve seen in weeks! Hard to capture in photos – but here’s my best.


Ken said...

Seems like there is a challenge to Simon in Thymes notes!!! I have similiar photos of the Basin entrance taken from STEEL HAVEN, including a GPS speed record. Good photos for the memory bank.

Amanda said...

hee, I like the idea of a whirlpool, it sounds like fun, but I am sure the reality is far less fun!