Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Coronation Island – early October

People call the Kimberlies the last frontier and I can see why – anything is possible here. I had read Brolgas can sometimes be seen on Coronation Island so we decided this would be our next stop. I pulled out the Bird book and en route read to Simon all their features, habitats and calls etc to help us in finding some. He thought it was hilarious – “shh, shh”, he said as we approached our anchorage, “I’m listening for a cacophony of staccato whooping and hooting…ha ha… as if”! As we approached the island I could see 3 tall figures walking on the beach. On closer inspection with the binos they turned out to be Brolgas of all things. I spent all afternoon stalking them around the bay from a safe distance after initially scaring off the 3 on the beach. By remaining still I even spied one playing while hunting, he was jumping up and down with wings spread and throwing what appeared to be food. It was an amazing sight… anything is possible in the Kimberlies!

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Amanda said...

That is pretty cool. We need to get you a video camera, eh!