Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bottom Job in Kudat

Kudat is a small town near to the northern most point of Borneo that has a well priced and run ship yard. The weekly snorkeling bottom scrubs were becoming tiresome and it was Thyme for some anti-foul. Simon donned his OH&S approved workwear and got stuck in with the grinder – yes he is wearing over his head a satin nightie with cat whiskers drawn!

While Si and I worked swearing and cursing the heat, Sloop was having a grand time. He had all the local dogs and cats bowing to him and even seduced the local children into all day patting fests. The facilities were not 5 star, but we did have our own bathroom and a shared laundry – No 5 was about 3.5stars after a few hours of scrubbing!

After Hari Raya was over, life became easier. The shops and restaurants opened, we finished the last coat of anti foul and were up to final jobs, buffing and running the wires for the new depth sounder.

Before we knew it we were back in the water sparkly and new, marking Hunter’s arrival from Seoul. We collected some final coconuts from the golf course, farwelled the friendly town of Kudat and set sail for some island south.

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