Thursday, 29 September 2011

South from Kudat

We headed out to Banggi with Hunter only a little grazed from his Coconut climbing exposé. Can’t blame him really as they probably are pretty thin over the ground in Toronto. Our next stop was to be Tigabu however we stopped for an afternoon snorkel at some random sand hill in the middle of the Sulu sea.

Hunter in his enthusiasm to go snorkeling threw himself out of the dingy onto a sea urchin. Ouch, injury number 2. I heard they don’t do much snorkeling in Canada.

After meeting some locals on Tigabu they kindly offered us much-needed tips in collecting and opening coconuts.

Our new friend took us to town after loading our dingy with drinking coconuts and showing us around his Beche de Mare farm. (sea cucumber). Here we got invited for lunch.

Lunch rolled into a snorkeling trip where our new friend and his offsider collected various shellfish for us that we could not accept not knowning what it was or how to cook it. They did however do battle with a Cuttlefish which we ate but not before it showered the dingy and Amanda who was sitting in it with black ink.

Carrying onwards southwest, I found Hunter sleeping on the foredeck mid afternoon resulting in Injury number 3. Apparently Canada has trees to provide shade from the sun.

The small Island of Tegipil with a small army base is where Hunter perfected the art of snorkeling. Amanda offered pearls of wisdom such as “you sound like a heard of elephants” and “can you float?”. Fins also kept his feet safe. While walking on the island we admired the army’s lookout post.

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Didn't you offer Hunter the preschool swim ring?