Sunday, 25 September 2011

Farewell Layang Layang

With time starting to run out, a trip to a small island home to the many sea birds in the area was planned. Some of the paired Noddies had eggs or chicks.

Not being a bird expert it looked like 2 other species were hanging out on the island. The one’s with the Mohawks were apparently Crested Terns.

The other end of the Lagoon had dive sites like shark cave, Snapper Ledge and Wrasse strip so the decision was made to up anchor and shift down to the other entrance. We passed some possibly disused automatic fish farms along the way, anchored and headed out for a snorkel.

Lucky for us the tide had just changed and the current was sweeping us along the edge of the wall back the way we came. A check of the GPS showed we had actually snorkeled 1.7km back… my how time flies.

Amanda did see a large shark at shark cave but scared it off before I got there. Who scares off sharks?

With the weather starting to pack it in we moved back to our previous anchorage in preparation for leaving

During or trip back, much to Sloop’s disgust we had small birds and even a cricket stay for the night. How these guys get 80 miles against the wind from land is a bit of a mystery. Safely anchored in Kudat, Ivonne headed off for new adventures and we psyched ourselves for a haul out.

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