Friday, 23 September 2011

Life at Layang Layang

After the excitement of the beach clean up Ivonne braved a trip to the top of the mast.

The mission for the days snorkel was to locate a sea horse. We had read they hang around in areas with a lot of sea grass and as it happens, we had seen such an area.

The Sea horses were a little thin over the ground (read none) but there was plenty of other marine life with Nudibranchs and various wrasse.

The water over the sea grass was hot compared with the outside of the reef where a swim into the abyss was needed to cool down.

With the sun on my back here is what my shadow looks like in 1,700m of water.

Trevor and I decided to have a go at fixing the dive compressor without success while Ivonne and Amanda entertained themselves tied to the back of the boat for the afternoon, with Ivonne sneaking Amanda some liquid refreshments from the boys stash.

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Senior Sloopes said...

Beautiful pictures guys!!!