Monday, 12 September 2011

Layang Layang

The trip out was fairly uneventful motoring most of the way in light conditions, catching only weed. The local pod of Bottle Nose Dolphins showed us the entrance to the lagoon.

Of course the morning following our arrival I headed out before first light for fishing, managing to get a dog tooth Tuna. Food for all. Snorkeling was next on the agenda.
The weather was treating us kindly with lovely hot days and 50 meter viiability along the reef.

On day 4 the dive compressor shat itself however by this stage we all had had plenty of dives and were happy to snorkel along the 1.7km drop off amongst all the marine life.

The evening brought more fishing with Ivonne throwing back the plate sized fish and catching her biggest ever fish. Amanda meanwhile was showing the GT's living in the channel to the lagoon whos's their daddy

Even Trevor (yes Gadfly Trevor who is not known for his fishing prowess) went out in Thymes dingy to my secret spot and managed to show something for all his investment in fishing equipment. His best catch being a GT on the middle hook of his lure and a Barracuda on the back hook that was attacked by a shark while he was winding it in. The end result was a GT in the bucket and a twitching Barracuda head over the side.

The following morning Amanda, bless her cotton socks organised a beach clean up, attendance compulsory.

In case your curious, Layang Layang is a small coral atoll formed by the caldera of a volcano situated about 150nm off Kota Kinabalu. It is one of about 600 islands forming the disputed Spratley Island group. As such there's a naval presence on the island and permits are required to visit issued by the National Security Department of Malaysia.

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